Epoxy.com Product #18

100% Solids General Purpose Epoxy

Medium Viscosity Hard Set Epoxy Resin/Hardener System - High Early Strength and Long Pot Life


Epoxy.com Product #18 General Purpose Epoxy is a hard set epoxy compound formulated for general use. Epoxy.com Product #18 General Purpose Epoxy cures at room temperature and is a medium viscosity system. This durable, resilient material requires no post curing to achieve permanent bond strength. Mixing ratio of 1 to 1 makes this product easy to use. Epoxy.com Product #18 General Purpose Epoxy solves many difficult bonding, and epoxy mortar problems. Product has the ability to bond to a variety of substrates including cannot dry and hard to dry surfaces.



Epoxy.com Product #18 General Purpose Epoxy is typically used for repairs and as a general adhesive thin encapsulate, layup resin, matrix for epoxy mortar, medium viscosity adhesive, and pottings for protecting alloys and numerous other substrates.


Surface to receive Epoxy.com Product #18 General Purpose Epoxy must be clean and sound. Remove all dirt, laitance, grease curing compounds and other foreign matter by sandblasting, mechanical abrasion, or acid etching. Remove water and dust from all surfaces with an oil-free blast immediately prior to application.


Temperature of Epoxy.com Product #18 General Purpose Epoxy must be 50° F or above at time of mixing. Stir each component separately before blending. Mix one part by volume of Part A with one part by volume of Part B for three minutes with a low speed electric drill motor equipped with a mixing paddle.


New concrete should be at least 28 days old. Temperature of substrate must be above 50° F. DO NOT thin.


Prolonged or repeated exposure may cause eye and skin irritation. If contact occurs, wash immediately and seek medical help. Use safety glasses with side shields and wear protective rubber gloves.


Clean Epoxy.com Product #18 General Purpose Epoxy off all tools and equipment should be cleaned before the system gels. Use MEK, Acetone, or any lacquer solvent.


Mix Ratio 1:1 By Volume
Viscosity (mixed) (ASTM D-2393) 12,000 - 16,000 cps
Pot Life (ASTM C-881) 180 minutes
Initial Cure 24 Hours (80% ultimate strength)
Final Cure 7 Days
Packaging (unit size including A & B)
                   1 part "A": 1 part "B"
2 gallon, 10 gallon
Standard Colors Clear


Concrete Bond Strength (ASTM C-882) 2350 psi
Tensile Strength (ASTM D-695) 7200 psi
Elongation (ASTM D-695) 1 0%-1 5%
Absorption (ASTM D-570) 0.5 %
Compressive Strength (ASTM D-695) 12,000 psi
Shrinkage (ASTM D-2566) 0.001 inch per inch