Epoxy.com Product #675

Electro-Static Dissipative Water Emulsion Finish


Epoxy.com PRODUCT #675 is a pigmented, water emulsion epoxy electro-static dissipative finish designed to have maximum penetration into concrete surfaces to provide high bond strength and adhesion. Epoxy.com PRODUCT #675 has very low odor and can be used in occupied areas as a finish sealer in Thin-Film Electro-Static Dissipative Coating Systems.




Waterborne Epoxy Resin and Conductive Fillers



Surface Preparation is the most critical portion of any successful resinous flooring system application. All substrates must be properly prepared as outlined in Epoxy.com TECHNICAL BULLETINS. Work must be performed by trained or experienced contractors or maintenance personnel. Epoxy.com Technical Service department is pleased to answer any questions.


Mix each component of Epoxy.com PRODUCT #675 prior to combining. Mix 1 part Part A with 4 parts Part B and allow to stand 15-30 minutes before applying. Roll mixed Epoxy.com PRODUCT #675 at a rate of 275-300 ft2 per gallon with a short nap roller. Care should be taken to avoid puddles. Do not build a film of the sealer and roll out so that it soaks into the concrete. Two coats are necessary to insure uniform wetting and coverage. For complete installation instructions, contact Epoxy.com Technical Service.


Clean skin with soap and water. Tools and equipment should be cleaned with xylene or lacquer thinner. Consult Material Safety Data for safety and health precautions.


Epoxy.com PRODUCT #675 is available in most Epoxy.com Standard Colors.


Epoxy.com PRODUCT #675, when applied at 300 ft2, yields 2-2.5 mils dry film.


Viscosity @ 75?F 300-400 cps
Mixing Ratio 1 Part A to 4 Parts B by Volume
Solids Content 40-45%
Volatile Organic Content (VOC) <60 gm/L
Bond Strength to Concrete 400-500 psi (100% concrete failure)
Weight per Gallon 8.75-9.00 pounds per gallon, mixed


Pot Life 2-4 hours
Dry to Touch 4-6 hours @ 75°F
Re-Coat 6-24 hours @ 75°F
Light Traffic 24 hours @ 75°F
"H" Hardness 2 days
"5-H" Hardness 30 days


If floors become slippery due to animal fats, oil, grease, or soap film, clean and rinse thoroughly.

Epoxy.com PRODUCT #675 is easily cleaned with neutral soaps or detergents. Routine mechanical scrubbing is recommended for all surfaces having a non-skid texture. Waxing is optional. Long periods of heavy traffic may cause wear patterns necessitating a maintenance application of a finish coat.