Epoxy.com Product #672

Conductive Epoxy


Epoxy.com CONDUCTIVE EPOXY is a two component, 100% solids epoxy/aggregate material that utilizes the latest in conductive floor technology. Epoxy.com CONDUCTIVE EPOXY can be installed as a coating or as a component to Epoxy.com Flooring Systems.

Epoxy.com CONDUCTIVE EPOXY, when installed 1/8 inch or thicker, can also include Epoxy.com ELASTOMERIC MEMBRANES to produce waterproof, crack resistant Systems.

Typical Uses of Epoxy.com CONDUCTIVE include:

COLOR SELECTIONEpoxy.com Epoxy Color Chart Here

Epoxy.com CONDUCTIVE EPOXY is available in the standard colors below as well as black and white.


Epoxy.com CONDUCTIVE EPOXY is composed of 100% solids epoxy resin filled with a variety of graded ceramic fillers which provide the conductivity and performance required.



Epoxy.com CONDUCTIVE EPOXY should only be applied over sound, clean substrates free of paint, curing compounds, and other foreign materials which can prevent proper bond.

Most Epoxy.com CONDUCTIVE EPOXY applications require skilled installers in order to assure successful results.


Tensile Strength ASTM-D-790 5000 psi
Bond Strength (to concrete) ASTM-D-321 >300 psi (concrete failed)
Compressive Strength ASTM-C-579 11,000-12,000 psi


For complete chemical resistance and performance data, please refer to Epoxy.com Flooring Systems data sheets.



Surface Preparation is the most critical portion to any successful resinous flooring system application. All substrates must be properly prepared as outlined in the Surface Preparation TECHNICAL BULLETIN. Work must be performed by trained or experienced contractors or maintenance personnel. The Epoxy.com technical service department is pleased to answer any questions.