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Color Selection Guide

When selecting the Epoxy.com Color for your application, please take time to consider the following:

Appearance: When using solid colors light colors generally provide a brighter, airier environment than Dark Colors. Multi-colored floors are another way to make an area brighter and airier while still using dark colored backgrounds. Multi-colored floors hide more visual variations of the substrate than solid colored floors.

Gloss: Normally, the higher the gloss the more intense the color.

Traffic and Maintenance: Wheel marks and dirt naturally show up more on pale colors than on other choices.

Spillage: What might be most commonly spilled on the floor. What color will most obscure it? Consult your Epoxy.com  Representative to determine the degree of chemical resistance you may require prior to selection.

Multi-Colored applications: When selecting a base color for multi-colored applications, it is best to use colors that are not too light. Instead use lighter colors as accent colors to brighten the color and the room.

Factory Lot Variations: Variations in resins, pigments, and other raw materials cause slight variations in the finished product from factory lot to lot. While colors are matched as closely as possible, Epoxy.com a division of Epoxy Systems, Inc. cannot warranty that each new Factory Lot of the coating will precisely match its predecessor.

Customized Colors: Epoxy Systems, Inc. will customize colors to the client's specifications. Dry samples will be provided for prior approval. Minimum orders and a premium charge may be required. All customized colors must be approved and may not be returned. An additional 14 working days will be required to match and produce customized colors.

*Premium Charges for #700 Deep Blue, #575 Ivy, "Safety" colors and all customized colors. Most systems are also available in Black and White Epoxy.com provides color chart for preliminary color selection only. Color of this image will vary from the actual physical color chart.  Color may vary slightly from resin to resin or texture of coating.  Please refer to a physical sample prior to making a final choice. These colors are not available in every product.  Please contact Epoxy.com for assistance.

Epoxy.com Color Chart

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